Until my next departure

I hope you’re buckled in and ready to travel to the places I’ve been and the places I’ve yet to go.  I’ve been lamenting the loss of my expat status since the Fall of 2006.  I don’t think a day goes by that a vivid memory of life abroad doesn’t end up being a story I tell friends and colleagues, even customers, as I head through my day.

The experiences I’ve had as an American expat living far from all that’s familiar have left me with the desire to get back and do it again.  So, as I wait and work and dream about making it happen, this will be the place to share my experiences and  I hope you’ll share your adventures with us.  It will be a little bit like looking at your friend’s and family’s vacation pictures, but with a difference -- you can look away or turn the page without anyone knowing.  I just hope you won’t be tempted to do so often.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and kick back as we explore the pages of my passport to uncover the stories that lie beneath the stamps on the new thexpatfiles blog.

In the words of Norah Jones:

Come away with me in the night

Come away with me

And I will write you a song ...

TheXpat Files